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The collection and recycling of the ever increasing and diverse waste streams presents numerous challenges and the recent introduction of food waste as a stream has only gone to further complicate matters.

However, to meet the diverse demands of each stream our R&D development programme has been stepped up to provide vehicle bodies and collection solutions to do the job no matter whether you operate separate collections from the kerbside, bring scheme collections or dedicated food waste collection operations.

You can rely on our solutions to get the job done and meet your environmental and productivity targets.

Our range of solutions is unmatched, performance is likewise and has been developed over years, honed to provide THE ideal solution for recycling collections whether being collected by kerbside sort or bring scheme methods.

Our trademarked Toploader® and Kerbsider® have become the Hoover and Tannoy of the recycling collection world and along with our Kerbloader® offer some of the best practical, efficient and reliable options available today.

Recycling, Food waste and BIOWASTE bodies


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