Bespoke Recycling Products: Food Waste & Bio Products


Polymer bodied solution for low to mid volume organic waste collections



Compact rear loading bodies offering an alternative solution for the collection of organic materials with leakproof, watertight bodies



Lightweight aluminium body for multi-material collection ideal for biowaste, food waste and glass.



A perfect polymer bodied solution for low to mid volume organic waste collections

PBUV is part of a range of solutions developed for the tough demands of food and other organic waste collections, providing easily cleaned, robust solutions that will carry the materials safely in accordance with all relevant regulations.

The PBUV is perfect for where maximum payload versus body weight is essential and surprisingly, the PBUV body is constructed from a robust Polypropylene material.
As well as being able to withstand daily steam cleaning, the body won't corrode and is leakproof to a height of 300mm.

PBUV range comes complete with (or without, if you wish) our robust TLL360 bin lift that gives a safe and efficient lift for up to 360 litre EN840-1 containers.
An optional, removable polypropylene pannier that fits onto the TLL360 bin comb to provide a efficient hand or bag loading solution is available.

Additionally, materials can be hand loaded into the body via the side mounted sliding hatches.

The PBUV is available in two sizes with the larger 8.5 cubic metre volume version on a 7.5 tonne GVW chassis giving a typical usable payload of 2750 kgs*.

*typical payload when mounted to Isuzu N75.190 7.5 tonne GVW 4 x 2 chassis

PBUV comes with a tipping body for simple discharge of materials. Terbergs own underfloor tipping gear allows simple and safe discharge of the load collected by opening the rear door and tipping the PBUV’s body.


  • Volume: 6.5 to 8.5m³
  • Wheelbase: 3504 to 3365mm
  • GVW: 3.5 to 7.5 tonnes
  • Axle Configuration: 4x2
  • Overall Length: 5650mm
  • Overall Width: 2100 to 2200mm
  • Compartments: 1
  • Internal doors: N/A
  • Number of lifts: Up to 1 x TLL360 lift
  • Sound reduction kit: N/A


The ORUS range of compact satellite collection RCV's offer an alternative solution for the collection of organic materials offering leakproof, watertight bodies with optimised compaction ratio's for the dense organic waste.

ORUS is available with body volumes ranging from 5m3 to 7 m3, volumes that are perfectly suited to being mounted on a light chassis ranging from 3.5 to 7.5t, or even hybrid or electric chassis.

Smooth body internals promote a clean unloading operation and the integral bin lift provides an efficient collection operation.


  • Hydraulic bin lift for the simultaneous handling of two 120/240/360 L
    bins or one 660/770/1100 L bin.
  • DIN arm lifting system for 770/1,100L containers
  • Manufactured from steel or aluminium top help optimise payload
  • Option to unload into a full size RCV or static open containers
  • Compatible with weighing and RFID systems
  • Leakproof watertight body, an essential requirement for organic waste collections
  • Outstanding manoeuvrability in narrow and/or confined spaces

  • Volume: 5.5 to 7m³
  • Wheelbase: TBC
  • GVW: 3.5 to 7.5 tonnes
  • Axle Configuration: 4x2
  • Overall Length: TBCm
  • Overall Width: 2100 to 2200mm
  • Compartments: 1 to 2
  • Internal doors: N/A
  • Number of lifts: Rear as standard,  optional side lift (on Combi TD)
  • Sound reduction kit: N/A


The ABTL (Aluminium Bodied Toploader) range of 'Bring Scheme' multimaterial collection vehicles, is the ideal choice for Biowaste, food waste and glass collections.

The ABTL range offers solutions that segregate, and keep segregated, recyclables at the source to provide you with high purity material streams that require no further processing following collection and safe transportation.
The extensive product ABTL portfolio represents an excellent selection of base models with various options that allow you to customise the product to provide a tailored solution to achieve your operational objectives. 
The aluminium body construction ensures excellent payloads are achieved and with fully welded seams and anti-corrosive properties, the ABTL has all the attributes required for the collection and transportation of wet materials.


Key Features & Benefits;

  • Lightweight aluminium plank construction to maximise payload
  • Sealed doors and seam welded body to prevent leakage
  • Operator health and safety assured thanks to a fully controlled tip cycle, certified E-stops, powered rear doors, hydraulic safety valves,
    powered internal door locks and ergonomic in-cab controls
  • Standard TLL1280 or TLL360 lifts for robust and safe operation
  • Turnkey integrated body and lift design
  • Optional integrated weighing solution

  • Cycle Time: 2-wheel containers 6 - 7 sec. 4-wheeled 10-12 sec skips 40 sec
  • Handling Capacity: 170kg (2-wheel) / 750kg (4-wheel)/2000 skip
  • Noise Level: < 65dB(A)
  • Mounting Method: Integrated on Olympus tailgate
  • Operation Mode: Manual
  • Weight: 650kg
  • Hydraulic Requirements: Ideal 40 l/min., maximum 60 l/min., 180 bar
  • Safety: CE machinery directive certification, EN 1501.1 & EN 1501.5
  • Auto-Gather: Yes
  • Diagnostic Display: No


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