Toploader® bring scheme collection solutions

The collection and recycling of the ever increasing and diverse waste streams presents numerous challenges.
This is no more so than in the long established sorting of recyclable materials at local ‘bring schemes’ that continue to play a valuable role.

The Toploader® range offers solutions that segregate, and keep segregated, recyclables at the source to provide you with high purity material streams that require no further processing following collection and transportation to the depot.

Developed to process collections in areas where local access restrictions, recycling collection strategies or other limitations dictate the employment of a ‘bring scheme’ system, the Toploader® is perfect whether you require a vehicle that segregates the collection of one type of recyclable or up to six, or one that has the capacity to carry low, high or mixed density materials or needs to work in a restricted area, urban, rural or all three.

Toploader® features include;

  • Fully constrained guide wheels for a fully controlled tip cycle
  • Powered internal door locks via cab controls*
  • Powered rear door*
  • TLL360 and/or TLL1280 side/rear lift option to facilitate collection of 2 and 4 wheel containers
  • Fully enclosed lid, opens automatically when loading
  • Bin and lifter friendly, variable speed lifting operation
  • Wander lead controls allow lifter operation from a safe distance
  • Emergency stop system meets EN 418:1992, Safety of Machinery directive
    In-cab and external e-stop buttons fitted to each control station complete with anti-tamper detection
  • Anti-shake control system to eliminate operator abuse
  • Diverter blade option to double the material stream capability for each lifter fitted
  • Park brake monitoring interlocked with PTO, system operation and worklights
  • Vehicle height warning system
  • Hydraulic hose burst safety valves fitted to each lifting cylinder
  • In-cab controls ensure operator efficiency & safety
  • External electrical equipment rated to IP67

*not applicable to Toploader® Stillage variants

Our Toploader® products can also be specified with a product from our dynamic weighing and RFiD systems to provide a superb 'charge by weight' dry recyclable system designed to integrate seamlessly with telematics and reporting solutions.


  • Volume: 16 - 32m³
  • Wheelbase: 3550 to 5850mm
  • GVW: 7.5 to 26 tonnes
  • Axle Configuration: 4x2 and 6x2
  • Overall Length: 6429 to 9020mm
  • Overall Width: 2200 to 2500mm
  • Compartments: 1 to 6
  • Internal doors: Fixed and adjustable options
  • Number of lifts: 1 to 3
  • Sound reduction kit: Optional



Fully constrained lifting frame guide wheels for a fully controlled, ultra-safe tip cycle with an uninteruptable bin clamp mechanism.



Fully enclosed lid, opens automatically when containers are discharged over the top.



Wander lead controls allow lifter operation from a safe distance.