All-electric Kerbloader EV excels in Anglesey

10/10/2022 11:15:00 AM
The first orders have been received for Terberg Matec UK’s all-electric Kerbloader EV after it successfully completed extensive trials with the local authority on Anglesey.

Kerbloader EV 3.png


The original diesel version of the multi-stream recycling vehicle has been engineered to create a carefully integrated interface with an electric chassis. Now everything that was powered by the diesel engine now comes from zero-emissions electric battery power and the body and chassis have been designed to dovetail so as to make the best use of the available space and to maximise volume and payload.

It has retained all the valued credentials of the original Kerbloader which is known as the durable, safe and flexible solution to one-pass recycling collections.

The Kerbloader EV collects up to seven different waste streams and keeps them safely separate, just like the original Kerbloader, with overall payloads of over 3.2 tonnes.

But as well as efficiently performing its environmentally responsible role of collecting recyclables, it does the job with zero emissions.

“The electric Kerbloader underwent extensive trials for three weeks on Anglesey earlier this year,” explains Terberg Matec UK Managing Director, Will Marzano.“


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The 140kWh battery pack enabled it to comfortably complete 8-10 hour shifts on one charge. We were completing two rounds a day and have satisfied ourselves that the vehicle has a range of around 100 miles or more. It performed exceptionally well in the Anglesey hills and in locations with narrow access.

It’s a lovely quiet vehicle. The feedback was excellent.” By producing no exhaust gases, the Kerbloader EV will not only help local authorities and other operators reduce their carbon footprint but also meet their increasingly urgent air pollution targets.

Reduced noise from the electric motor means collections can be made from sensitive locations without causing disturbance – even early in the morning and later in the evening. And better acceleration and torque can speed up collections to increase operational efficiency.

Above all, the arrival of the Kerbloader EV means that as diesel engines are gradually phased out, the future of one-pass recycling is assured.
Will concludes: “Ultimately, we recycle for environmental reasons. The Kerbloader EV is simply the next, logical step towards the same important goal.

The design and engineering that has gone into this, so that our market-leading Kerbloader can be properly integrated with an electric chassis, is remarkable. I’m delighted with the end result and we already have orders from four different local authorities. The first vehicles will be delivered in Q4 this year.


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