Terberg electric lifts spearhead Milton Keynes’ emissions cuts

6/5/2023 10:00:00 AM
A new fleet of RCVs ordered by Milton Keynes City Council will slash waste collection emissions in the city with major savings delivered by Terberg electric bin lifts.

MK TM.png


The OmniDEL electric bin lifts will be fitted to 61 of the new vehicles currently on order.

Typically, electric bin lifts lower fuel consumption by around 8 per cent which represents a major reduction in operating costs and a reduced impact on the environment.

Like all bin lifts in Terberg’s electric range, the OmniDEL’s design simply mirrors the market-leading hydraulic version of the lift with added technology which transforms it into the electric variant. The electric model now accounts for more than a third of Terberg bin lift sales in the UK. And this figure continues to increase as customers become aware of the benefits to both their carbon footprint and operating costs.

In addition, the OmniDEL electric is almost silent which will provide the operators in Milton Keynes – SUEZ Recycling and Recovery UK – with the flexibility to work in noise-sensitive locations while causing much less disturbance.

In a recent field trial, both the Hydraulic and Electric versions of the OmniDEL were used on the same vehicle, which travelled the same collection route. In each two-week period, the vehicle travelled around 2,700 miles, emptied more than 12,500 bins and collected 275 tonnes of waste.

The trial vehicle was monitored remotely using the Terberg Connected Services solution, and all data was cross-referenced with the operator’s own records for verification.

The results revealed showed an impressive 9.7% reduction in the vehicle’s fuel consumption when using the OmniDEL Electric lift.

This reduction is equivalent to an annual carbon saving of 3.5 tonnes per vehicle. In addition to this, further reductions in consumption, costs and emissions are expected from the highly efficient diesel engines in the Dennis Eagle Elite+ chassis when the trucks go into action in September.

“First and foremost, the OmniDEL lift does its job exceptionally efficiently, regardless of how it is powered,” said Terberg Matec UK’s General Sales Manager, Kevin Forbes.

“The savings in costs and emissions will directly benefit the residents of Milton Keynes. Many operators are realising, as they make their transition to low-carbon collections, that electric bin lifts are the ideal first step in their sustainability journey. They don’t need to invest in recharging infrastructure, they can start saving operational costs and reducing emissions as soon as the trucks are delivered.”